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  • Heat Slingers
  • Belts, Pulleys, Shafts, & Bearings
  • Guards & Safety Features
  • Air Modulators
  • Custom Inlet Boxes

Jan-Air Heat Slingers

Forward Curve Diagram
Heat Slinger Main Dimensions Set Screw Dimensions Split Slingers
A: Max (in.) A: Min (in.) B: Max (in.) B:Min (in.) C (in.) D (in.) E (in.) N (#) # of Set Screws Angle Between Set Screws (degrees) Split Available F [Subject to Change if A is not Max]
4-3/4 4-3/4 1 1/2 1/8 1/8 5/8 7 none
or 1
- No -
7-1/2 6 2-7/8 1/2 7/16 3/16 7/8 6 none,
1, or 2
90 or
Yes 5-1/2
10 7-1/2 3-7/16 1 5/8 1/4 1-1/16 6 none,
1, or 2
90 or
Yes 7-1/2

Belts, Pulleys, Shafts, & Bearings
Several base arrangements offered by Jan-Air require the use of belts, pulleys, shafts, and bearings.  Belt driven units are often used when the wheel must spin at a specific RPM not offered by motor manufactures and also in high-temperature applications to prevent the motor from overheating due to the heat transfer through the shaft. Often these types of applications will also incorporate a heat slinger.
Belts Pulleys Bearings Shafts

Guards & Safety Features
Jan-Air offers a variety of guards and screens to make our products as safe as possible. Some of these include heat slinger guards, belt and pulley guards, inlet and outlet screens, and many other types of custom guards/screens. Some examples are shown below:
Heat Slinger Guard
Heat Slinger Guard
Inlet Screen
Inlet Screen
Outlet Screen
Outlet Screen
Special Screen
Special Request Guard

Jan-Air Air Modulators
Air Modulators are used to control the static pressure resistance of the system which affects the air flow. Several pictures of an air modulator in different positions are shown below. Please check back for more details on air modulators.
Open Air Modulator
Fully Open
Half-open Air Modulator
Closed Air Modulator
Fully Closed

Jan-Air Custom Inlet Boxes
Custom inlet boxes are used in specific applications to make ductwork transitions and arragemnents easier. The custom inlet box shown below is used to make the scroll housing arragemnent more similar to an inline unit. Please let us know if your application requires a modified inlet or inlet box.
Custom Inlet Box